Animation commissions, other work and... whatever::

Barbershop Idents
Client: Barbershop Music. Characters and Animated Idents for Website and Promotional Animations.


Naughty Maid TUNOG
I was approached by Bitfilm, the organisers of the Flash Attack section of the Berlin Beta festival back in September 2000 to do some animations for a TUNOG project by Bitfilm (A TUNOG is an application that triggers an animation when 7 certain events are happening on the mobile phone). I'd been working on some sketches for a new character based loosely on “The Maids” and a comic book series I used to read as a child and “Naughty Maid” was the result. I tried to base each animation on the state each was supposed to represent, and the effects are subtle but deadpan, very much in the Swat tradition. I can see a story developing, but it will have to wait for now.

Jane Avril has left the Building
Part of three commissions for The Courtauld Institute website. I was invited to develop an animation and two interactive segments using works in the collection, they had to be entertaining and yet relevant to the Institute's educational objectives and philosophy. Using visual and aural incongruity to encourage the viewer to make comparisons and new associations as well as being entertaining I hoped to encourage an exploration of the original works. I also worked with Onto Designs to develop interactive “masterpieces” that could then be saved and sent as an email to be viewed at a later date.

The Courtauld Institute

Part of a more abstract work, mixing themes from reading I'd been doing on colour theory, ( Baker-Miller Pink research), and returning from Cambodia and the sounds I recorded there. Should be viewed full screen and in the dark, headphones recommended.


Croatian Tales of Long Ago
A CD Rom animation project based on the tales of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic and produced in Croatia by Bulaja Nackladi. This was a bit of a departure as my part of the project, “Rutvica & Jaglenac” , was entirely interactive, as well as being a story for children, but as Helena Bulaja, the main person behind the project has said, it is because we weren't consciously making the tales for children but each thinking of our own imaginary audience we continually create for, that may be a clue to the project's success. In my case there is the female narration that highlights the storybook presentation, and Helena saw that as being like a mother telling the tale to her child, remarking that Ms Swat was an echo of this same mother figure... albeit slightly stricter.
Download demo. A review of the project by Edward Picot.

Rutvica and Jaglenac

We Must Remove the Brain
Animation done for club projection for techno track "We Must Remove the Brain" by Mark Thompson.


Bol Blue Santa
Is the true Santa! I was invited by London based Guerilla marketing firm Cunning Stunts to pitch a storyboard for an animation for the's christmas campaign. The theme was “Blue Santa” and I had 30 seconds to tell the story, and it worked, after changing the small funny elf to a small sexy elf Rubberfish got the contract.

Inspired by the bizarre and beautiful concoctions featured in Cafe Bankerot in Copenhagen and the slot machines in the Edinburgh Museum of Childhood. These were sketches for something bigger but certain Swat animations took over


The first Rubberfish project and how I learned Flash 2, it seems a long way away now. This shows the first half of an animation made to Cibo Matto's “Know Your Chicken” from their album “Viva! La Woman” Copyright ©1997 Warner Bros. Records All Rights Reserved.