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She Arrives Home Petrified, Calcified by Fright "Nightmare poem by author and journalist Steven Withrow, illustrated in comics form by British artist and animator Ellen McAuslan".

DEC 09::

Swat Prints are finally available to buy online. The prints on this site are the results of some years of work. Originally sold at art fairs and it's only now after launching another site featuring item designs inspired by one of my other passions, that of Giallo films that I have finally managed to get Rubberfish Prints online.
People who have seen my work before may wonder where the canvas prints are and I'm still pondering how I could make these available online - as the cost of transportation would be quite pricey, but anyone can contact me about these and I shall look at putting the images up soon.

DEC 09::

Ellen McAuslan is featured in Vector Graphics and Illustration: A Master Class in Digital Image-making by Steven Withrow which "explores the advantages of vector work, and how vector graphics are especially useful in the creation of minimal but high-impact work, such as information graphics, logo designs, characters, technical drawings, graphic novels, magazine illustrations, and graphics for clothing. This book taps into a vibrant and distinctive creative area that is under-represented outside software manuals and specialist magazines".

OCT 08 ::

The jury of Nontzeflash have chosen Pneumatic 2 to be one of twenty films that will be screened on 12th May in the Fantastic Film Festival of Bilbao.

MAY 07 ::

Ellen McAuslan provides the cartoonish kinkery for the LGB Sexual Health Whodunnit event at the Dana Centre 165 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5HD on the 22nd of Feb.

FEB 07 ::

Ms Swat is part of the Electric Eclectic group show at the Queen Street Gallery The Old Flour Mill Queen Street Emsworth Hampshire PO10 7BT

FEB 07 ::

The Portico Gallery is showing some Rubberfish canvases and will be announcing a Swat Show in 07

MAR 06 ::

A one-day free Animation Festival is to take place in Barton Hill, Bristol, on 25 February will be showing some Swat animations and Jenny T. Cyst will be making an appearance again in the popular episode “Sheepscape”

FEB 06 ::

“Cold Hearted Beach” was shown as part of the very first Smirnoff Electric Cabaret, however this doesn't necessarily constitute a celebrity endorsement.

JAN 06 ::

Brighton Art Fair 2005 - Rubberfish showed more canvases and paper prints from the Swat collection at the Corn Exchange, Brighton. A very enjoyable few days meeting and talking to other artists about the process of making art, selling it and complaining about life in general, a good time was had by all. Lots of feedback and some lovely people are now living with the Swat of their choice.

NOV 05 ::
The Guardian

Freestyle Gallery group exhibition at The Well, Brick Lane, E1 the private view party turned out rather nice what with the red wine and Swatoons playing gently in the background, and a rather fine accordioniste squeezed her box in a most entertaining set.

OCT 05 ::

Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair 2005 - Showed prints and drawings as part of the Illustration and Graphics section of this lively new showcase for designers and artists, from the 14th to the 16th of October. This was the first airing for our Chicken Lady prints, and I'm hoping to add more images of her adventures in the future.

OCT 05 ::

Group Exhibition at The Well, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, London E1 in association with the Mutiny Secret Sample Sale.

SEPT 05 ::

Rubberfish has been invited to show “Bootylicious” as the Nonzeflash section of the FANT 2005 Film Festival from 10 May to 15 May in Bilbao.

MAY 05 ::

The Inspired Art Fair saw the launch of the latest Swat prints. It was my first art fair, and the experience was a positive one. The bright colours and glossy vibrance of the canvases achieved through working with Allan confirmed Rubberfish as one of the most eye catching exhibits, and a number of these items are adorning the walls of some very interesting (and dare I say discerning) people.
Inspired Art Fair

NOV 04 ::

Ms Swat Portraits feature as part of the Artshole - Art in Mind 2 and 3 exhibitions at the Vinopolis Gallery, London Bridge.

AUG 04 ::

Whitechapel Art's Cafe 28 Commercial Street E1 l 4th Feb l Doors open 8pm l entry £5 l An evening of music, stand-up and Ms Swat LIVE on the big (ish) screen.

FEB 04 ::

Animation story and 2 e-card commissions for The Courtauld Institute of Art website.

NOV 03 ::

Zagreb Film festival l l 07- 11 Sept l E Mc presents an Author's Approach presentation as part of the Digital Exchange section of the festival organised by Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja. Other presenters working with Flash inlcuded: Laurence Arcadias, Sabine Hahn, Joshua Davis, David Berlioz, Glyn Thomas and Rolf Krämer gave a talk on his work with setting up the eDIT VES fetival.

OCT 03 ::

eDIT VES 2003 l The European festival for Production and Visual Effects l Mon 29 Sept 16:00-17:30 l A presentation and discussion of Flash and convergent media. Panel: Helena Bulaja, Ellen McAuslan, (Croatian Fairy Tales), David Berlioz (Plok!), Ola Bergener (Gooberstory)

SEP 03 ::

Finalist Award Certificate for the cd/rom ”Croatian Tales of Long Ago”, at Golden Award of Montreux 2003 in the sub category “Interactive Fiction, Entertaining stories, Games”

MAY 03 ::

”Croatian Tales of Long Ago” now available on CD. Project is rated as the best cultural product in film industry in Croatia for 2002. For more details and previews of the first CD, including Rubberfish's ”Rutvica and Jaglenac” go to:

JAN 03 ::

”.off-Corso 2002” l Rubberfish presents the Ms Swat series at the festival

NOV 02 ::

Rubberfish round the Pacific, New Zealand and US.

MAY 03 ::

Net Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - ”Croatian Tales..” winner in the ”Story” category

NOV 02 ::

Hamburg Film Festival 2002 / Flash Award. Flash Award competition finalists in two categories: ”Yagor” (Mirek Nisenbaum) in the category linear and ”Jaglenac and Rutvica” in the category interactive

SEP 02 ::

FlashForward 2002 San Francisco - ”Croatian Tales..” is winner in the ”Story” category
This article on Interactive Web Animation includes a review of ”Jaglenac and Rutvica”.

JUL 02 ::

A three month break while I prepared work for a collaborative animation project based upon the fairytales of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, collectively known as: ”Croatian Tales of Long Ago” More about the project.
Croatian Tales Croatian Tales Croatian Tales

”Skin Deep” is chosen to show at the Animated Encounters festival in Bristol in April as part of Brit Pix 1.

APR 02 ::

”Skin Deep” is one of the ten final films shortlisted for the Depict! 2001 competition and will be shown as part of the Bristol Brief Encounters film festival in the UK from the 14th - 18th November. For more details: Brief Encounters and for a reminder of the original: Skin Deep

NOV 01 ::

Blue Santa is the true Santa! I've been working on this animation for's Juletide campaign.

OCT 01 ::

A directory listing and mini feature in the Pixel Surgeon: Women in Design article and directory by Rina Cheung.

AUG 01 ::

Now Loading

NOW LOADING . . . by Ivan Vartanian A jolly pot pourri of graphic design on the web looking at the influence the web has had on design and how web designers achieve a balance of information, composition, symbols, color and audience satisfaction despite the restrictions of cyberspace...and Rubberfish is in it! 160 pages, Paperback 500 color illustrations, English ISBN: 1-58423-077-0 $29.95 Published in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China by DesignEXchange Company Limited in Europe by Gingko Press Verlag GmbH

Animation Express presents ”Peel”, an animation exposing rotten practices at the core of the fruit handlers association.

Jenny T. Cyst - A reworking and extending of the ”Sheep Scape” episode has resulted in a Rubberfish 7 minute long epic! It is currently doing the rounds, and I'm working on a streamable version so it can be seen online in the not too distant.

JUN 01 ::

Germany's foremost graphic design magazine PAGE features Rubberfish and part of an interview for their article on Internet animation.

Oct 00 ::

PixxelPoint 2000 International Computer Arts festival, held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Rubberfish won second prize for Ms Swat animation: Rubberplant

DEC 00 ::

Ms Swat appears on the big screen at Berlin Beta Festival 3.0 Festival for Digital Film, as part of Flash Attack organised by Bitfilm. Read the Rubberfish Review covering this event.

AUG 00 :: has an article on erotic animation featuring the Sagas of Swat

SEP 00 ::

En Vacances appearing on Bechamel

JUL 00 ::

Ms Swat appears in SkinTwo Magazine - edition 32. Three current episodes featured on SkinTwo Online plus a specially commisioned animation ”Dust Bag”.

MAY 00 ::

Animation Express features series of early Ms Swats.

APR 00 ::

Interview about all things Swat on Tuffemme

MAR 00 ::

Mystery Movie invited to show on that freaqy and flashtastic French animation and music site Bechamel

FEB 00 ::

Animation Express features another two Ms Swat animations for Christmas.

DEC 99 ::

Hotwired Animation Express features the first Swatoon, early days yet.

OCT 99 ::